Edo Superstar Kickstarter

dateslapped: September 3, 2013 | by: Hawken King

Update: Wohoo! they made it!!

Jed Henry & David Bull are probably two of the most talented non-Japanese Ukiyo-e aficionados on the planet. So why can’t they strike gold in the same place twice?

Something wonderful is happening, a video game is being made from Japanese woodblock style prints and they are asking for your support.

The rewards themselves are freaking amazing – albeit niche – original hand cut woodblock prints. I personally want an 8-Fuji woodblock print for $50 (that is nothing, considering the original prints they did a while back now go for $200+).

Previously, they had a major success on Kickstarter with Ukiyo-e Heros (Japanese artwork of video game characters). The project raked in $313,341 of their $10,400 goal. It was a true rags to riches tale, a very low asking point and a very high turn out.
Video games get funded quite well on Kickstarter. The artwork on Edo Superstar is gorgeous. But this project only just made it.

It’s an iPhone game.

Quite possibly, if this were a Steam game, or XBox Live, or even PSM Vita – from the outset – they would have sailed through their target and hit the stretch goals. They did add a vague PC and Mac support option during the campaign but it lacks direction, and wasn’t the initial goal of the project.

Why is the platform a problem? A few reasons:

  • It appears they have over estimated how excited people can get for a game that is being released for free on their phones, and why they should contribute at all when hundreds of games land on the platform every week. (This game is clearly head and shoulders above the waterline, alas)
  • Plenty of games developers can and do release their own games, feature rich and highly playable, in small teams without any funding whatsoever.
  • Mobile games as fun as they are, simply do not command the same kind of material worth or community support that a Steam or console game might.

Edo Superstar, on Kickstarter

Edo Superstar Kickstarter