Famitsu Online Interview & print review

February 2, 2017

Hawken gets his big face out for some Japanese gaming magazine PR!

We were lucky enough to be interviewed by Japan’s premier online gaming magazine, Famitsu online, this time for the Japanese release of our game Pirate Pop Plus! Or rather, “Kaizoku Pop”!

The interview was organised by our great friends at Rainy Frog, the Japanese publisher for Pirate Pop. We got to demo the game on Wii U while they took shots. (photos that is!)

Later came the interview proper, and we all laughed merrily while Hawken kept turning to what he thought was his translator who later turned out to not be his translator but a journalist. Oh how we laughed at Hawken’s strange brand of Japanese. Alas I while I tirelessly try to self-deprecate, the truth is we had a lot of fun.

At the end of the interview, Famitsu let us know that they will be reviewing the game in the print version of Famitsu the following week. (Following this news, Hawken was later resuscitated at the local pub.)

The following print review came out on the same day as the Zelda Breath of Wild announcement, so it was actually hard to get our hands on a copy.
Our review went well – they “got it” as a retro game, their main feedback was that they wanted more.

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