Pon Pon Pirates Bitsummit

May 21, 2017

Multiplayer Pirate popping action!

BitSummit Demo May 2015
Director, Graphics Hawken King
Additional Programming & Tinkering Sarah O'Donnell
Audio Effects Matthew Ivic
Music Mark Sparling

Join Pete Jr. on a new adventure, using the trusty virtual game device Pocket Game!

Battle with other pirates in this online multiplayer game featuring a frenzied dash for the booty in various ingenious battle locations. Trash the competition and gather the loot to be crowned the Pirate numero uno!

We have started work on Pon Pon Pirates, another 8-bit themed game in the custom “fantasy” game device, the Pocket Game. The gameplay mechanic is based on Bubble Bobble, the classic arcade and NES game of lore.

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