Pirate Pop II: “Pon Pon Pirates”

n/a | TBA | in development

Pon Pon Pirates is the sequel to Pirate Pop; Pete Jr & pals battle to see who is a Pirate Numero Uno!

Production Started:Nov 2017
Genre: Arcade Action
Project Status:75% early access complete

pirate pops

famicom disk system | prototype

Working Famicom Disk System soundtrack!

Created:Jan 2017
Genre: soundtrack
Platform/s: famicom disk system

Pirate Pop Plus

Wii U | New 3DS | Steam | published

Pirate Pop Plus is a solid authentic 8bit game where Bubble Popping, meets Gravity for frantic action!

Release: Oct 2016 (US & ROW), Feb 2017 (JP)
Genre: Arcade Action
Platform/s: Wii U | New 3DS | Steam

Pixel Art Fonts for Unity

Windows | mac | linux | published

Pixel Art Fonts are a collection of custom fonts for use with Unity, that are specifically designed for pixel art games.

Release: August 2015
Platform/s: Windows | mac | linux

iBath / Bath Time

iPhone | iPad | published

Bath Time: an interactive bath toy for kids.

Release: December 2011
Platform/s: iPhone | iPad