About dadako

dadako – the best of yesterday, today!

dadako was set up by designer Hawken King, to release apps and games. Our current goal? To release games based on a particular time in gaming history. So far this has been Pirate Pop Plus, a game based on 8-bit handhelds like the Game Boy & Neo Geo Pocket Color.

Next up is Pon Pon Pirates, which is based on 8-bit home consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System, Famicom & Master System.

For Pon Pon Pirates, as research we made two real NES titles, that run on Famicom and Famicom Disk System! (Pirate Pops) – This is the level of detail dadako games strive for.

While dadako’s games try to emulate the graphics and music of these systems closely, we are adding a bit of something new that those systems were unable to do, so the flavour has all the authenticity of the past, but doesn’t taste old. Also these games are designed to run on modern consoles and PC.

And what does the word “dadako” mean?

It’s Japanese for “brat”!

Quick Facts
Name: dadako (lower case)
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Established: 2010
Published Titles: 5
Email Contact: English or Japanese: