Justin, Liam, Hawken & Robin. Portraits made with Facemakr

About Dadako

Based in Tokyo, Japan
Founded: January, 2010


For all business & press enquiries:
Hawken King

General enquiries:




  • Cat Slap (pending)
  • Isgard (pending)
  • Omnichron (pending)
  • Pro Zombie Soccer (pend)
  • Bath Time (iOS)
  • Titlerpillar (iOS)
  • Photo Avatar (iPhone)
  • Monstermakr (iPhone)
  • Facemakr (iPhone)
  • Facemakr HD (iPad)
  • Unsaddle Santa (flash)
  • Bombbots (flash)
  • Aquatris (flash)
  • Build (flash)

Client Projects:

Many, please enquire.


Phone: +81 (0)80-3254-8001
(no recruiters please, for best results please email in advance with your number before calling)

Dadako is an indie development studio in Tokyo, we make games for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android & Vita. Our services are available for hire.

Early History was registered in the year 2000 by Hawken King, a London based web designer. The goal at the time was to make an outlet for his passion in games development. As followed Hawken in his career path, Dadako grew parasitic, forcing Hawken's hand out of gainful employment and into the dark, penniless & unthanking world of indie games development.

Dadako (だだっこ) means Brat in Japanese.


After several years toiling at unheard-of games, Hawken took a leap to iOS with his first title on the platform in 2010, an intelligent Avatar generation program (Facemakr), that used Vector data and a custom engine to display it. It took 6 months to build, rendering him penniless and broken.

As fate would have it, Facemakr was featured by Apple for 2 months on the front of the app store in the US, Germany, Japan & UK. It was pre-installed on all Japanese iPhone display handsets in Softbank and Apple stores. The man himself Steve even gave it some praise. Needless to say this grounded Dadako and gave Hawken room to experiment as an indie developer.


Dadako now consists of 4 members; Hawken, Liam, Justin & Robin. We are making a 2D fighting game about Cats (Cat Slap) and a 2.5D arcade game about Robots (Isgard), while porting and developing games for clients, primarily with Unity3D as a technology base.

For logos, photos & audio samples, please download the press-kit.

Download Dadako Press-kit