A 5th of BitSummit (BitSummit 5)

May 21, 2017

dadako make their yearly pursuit to Kyoto to show off a new game demo!

So once again we are at BitSummit in Kyoto for the annual indie game dev festival. This year we showed our prototype title Pon Pon Pirates, helped out by @everydayfoxlife.

This year the festival was big, about 1/3rd bigger than the previous year. The usual suspects were in force and things seemed a little more organised than previous years. The branding for this year was nice too, with a visual homage to virtua fighter.

As usual, we didn’t get that much time to look around, but judging from the games we did see, the quality bar for indie games is getting higher every year. Those shown by sponsors Nintendo and Sony were of very high quality, and fit the bill of what some are now calling “iii” or “triple i”.

Pon Pon Pirates went down well, we had a few players even talk to us about Pirate Pop, which we showed last year. A great time had by all.

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