iBath / Bath Time

Good clean fun!

Wish it could be Bath Time, all the time? Now it can! Play with Bath Time simulator. Charming 3D graphics with realistic Physics.

Release: December 2011
Platform/s: iPhone | iPad



iBath was an early iOS + Unity experiment from 2011, to test out 3d models and shaders on the current hardware. Later renamed “Bath Time”, the app saw some small success not least because it was one of the few apps available made in Unity at the time.

The game was more of a simulation, where you could add ducks, wind up frogs, octopus, apples and plastic tug boats. Some of the items had effects if they met one another; octopi latched on to ducks, apples could be eaten by the frogs. A small chance of getting golden or huge items was possible too.

Other elements of Bath Time could be manipulated or changed, such as making ripples in the water, water height, bath design and so on. Bath Time was an interesting free play “virtual toy-box”.

Some interesting tidbits:

  • The app made the same sound as a japanese bath heat cover closing when using the smart cover, which looks like a japanese bath cover.
  • All the sound effects were recorded in Hawken’s bathroom!

We stopped at Bath Time version 1.3 with complete overhaul of the graphics, menu system and sound effects. Eventually retiring the project due to incompatibility with new iOS in 2016.

The music is available as an album, which makes for a relaxing ambient soundtrack.

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Director, Graphics, Programming Hawken King
Music Justin DiCenzo

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