Pirate Pop Plus

bubble popping action!

Pirate Pop Plus is a solid authentic 8bit game where Bubble Popping, meets Gravity for frantic action!

You awaken on a strange island sometime in the afternoon, half your face is sunburnt and seagulls stole your lunch. Enough about you. This is about Pete Jr, who also woke up on a mysterious island!

Pete looks up in to the sky to see bubbles, tons of them! Whats causing these bubbles to appear? Who is behind this awful mischief?

Play to find out!

Release: Oct 2016 (US & ROW), Feb 2017 (JP)
Genre: Arcade Action
Platform/s: Wii U | New 3DS | Steam
Players: 1
Publisher: 13AM Shipping Solutions (US & ROW), Rainy Frog (JP)



In August 2015 we caught sight of something interesting, someone was asking games developers on the internet to make games in the style of the GameBoy, using all the same visual restrictions, for a “game jam” – a form of merciless self-punishment where developers see if they can make a fully working game in a very limited time span, anything from hours to days. This Game Jam (GBJam) set the target at 10 days. Like any good games developers, we love a bit of masochism so we entered. Out of 200 entries our game came 2nd overall.

The game we entered was “Pirate Pop”, based on an early mockup entitled “Jungle Pop” from many years ago, the idea was the same; It’s a bubble popping game but with changing gravity.

After the Game Jam (and some well deserved rest, this was made by one guy) the ultimate question was “what next?”. Do we let this game be and move on, or do we take it to it’s zenith of existence. Did I mention we are masochists? Of course we decided to see where this can go.

By chance, Pirate Pop was shown to a publisher over a few beers and they wanted to run with it (they put the “Plus” in Pirate Pop Plus). That part was serendipitous and smooth, thanks to their enthusiasm, but this game had only been tested on a few Game Boy nerds, it needed to face the public’s all-too discerning eye! We took Pirate Pop Plus to Bitsummit 2016 and it was greatly received by visiting gamers, even by one of the original creators of “Pomping World”.
Further shows included BIC (Busan Indie Connect) and in the Nintendo booth at Gamescom.

Playtesting by gamers allowed us to tweak the final and prepare for the US/EU launch.

Unbeknownst to us, the launch day was the same day of the Switch reveal! Would this mean that the game would sink into the night without attracting enough 8bit geeks to make itself known?
Quite the opposite: the game’s video on Nintendo’s YouTube channel was right next to that of the Switch reveal! Passing traffic gave Pirate Pop lots of views.

This is a proper retro nerd-gasm – nintendolife

Nintendolife.com gave Pirate Pop Plus 9/10 – we seriously could not ask for more.
It’s really the 8bit lovers that are going to get the most mileage out of this game. Miiverse users give it a solid 4 or 5 stars.

In February of 2017–after much toing and froing–we finally released the game in Japan. Famitsu magazine held an interview with Hawken (creator of Pirate Pop) that they published on the launch day… as stated earlier, much of this game’s development was serendipitous. But the best was yet to come, during the interview, Famitsu said they were going to review the game. In their magazine! (Which came out on Switch launch day!)

Miiverse also exists in Japan and some of the player reviews are heart warming, both full of praise about the technical attention to detail and gameplay loop.
People on there talk of fond memories about the GameBoy, youth spent in the 80s/90s and even offers to take the developer out for drinks to talk about 8bit days gone by.

Precisely the result we hoped for.

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for dadako
Game, Code, Graphics Hawken King
Audio Effects Matthew Ivic
Music Harry Waters
Matthew Ivic
Dan Rodrigues
Cover art Justin Chan
Special Thanks Matt, Kyoko, Adam, Michael, Daniel and Otaru crew!
for 13AM Games
Executive Producer Alex Rushdy
Managing Director / Producer Dave Proctor
Localisation & Publishing & Marketing 13AM Shipping Solutions
New 3DS port Marty Kugler
Wii U port Unai Cabezon
Japanese Localisation Kakehashi Games
Special Thanks Thomas, Shawn, Justin, Aaron & Lucas
for Rainy Frog
Producer Tony Byus
Publishing & Marketing Rainy Frog

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