BitSummit 4th

July 10, 2016

dadako attends BitSummit again with a new offering!

This year we showed Pirate Pop Plus.

What a crazy year this one was! The venue was slightly smaller than usual meaning all the exhibitors were packed in, and attendees had to jostle with exhibitors in a large writhing mass! Looking back it was fun, however at the time it was pure pandemonium.

Compounded by the fact that we only had half a table to show our game, and the game was drawing a large crowd, it was a trying few days that put our endurance to the test!

dadako was luckily situated next to Nintendo, the platform on which the game we were showing was to come out on in just a few short months after BitSummit. By visitors and press the title gladly absorbed a bit of that luck.

There was a feeling in the air that this BitSummit was the deal sealer, that the event now has a strong enough footing to carry on in to the distant future as it’s own thing.

(In the selfie above, an original staff member of “pomping world” – which Pirate Pop Plus was inspired by – came to play, he was the first player of the event!)

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